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We are suspended, not falling, but suspended –A reflection on COVID-19


We feel scared, and this is natural, because there is uncertainty in our lives.
We look out the window and ask ourselves. Where is everybody?

We are now home with our families, we have long conversations full of worries, but also full of laughter. We don’t have to wake up in the morning to go out in traffic to get to the office, there are no yellow buses in the streets, children are not going to school either. We may take as long as we want in the morning to drink our coffee… to talk to someone. We have enough time to meditate, time to be really present. Nobody is now hurrying us for anything. The world has stopped. We are suspended, not falling, but suspended.

We have time to observe the sky, the moving clouds. The sky is blue, no more airplanes flying above us, no more car horns, we can hear the birds again. Sometimes I wonder if we, as humanity, didn’t cause this. We have been harming, exploiting and being unrespectful to the Earth. We have forgotten about each other. Technology is capable of connecting us, but also
disconnecting. We have stopped looking to each other’s eyes, we have exchanged words for emojis and we often hide our feelings.

This terrible thing we are living will be very tough, and sadly, we will be witnesses of a drastic change in our lives and in the world. Definitely, things will never be the same and we will live a period of time that will be registered in History books.

But the thing here is, how will we live this? What will we do during months of quarantine? How can we help? How will this change us and what benefits will we get from all of this? Will this period of time will make us more sensitive, more empathic, more conscious about others?

This too shall pass

Persian Sufi poet

Elvira Smeke