Exercise #20 (Alumina), 2018
Lightjet print on photographic paper, 80 x 80 cm (series of 3 + AP)

As I approached my 40th birthday, I started taking many pills such as minerals, vitamins and anti-aging products. I collected all the aluminums that cover these pills and break in different and uncontrollable forms and I photographed them with my cellular phone. I printed these pictures in large formats so that they would lose proportion and become more abstract.

This piece is about the contemporary’s occidental society idea, especially in women, about the fear of aging, of losing their beauty and physical attractiveness. My fear of aging has been a theme I had made some works about this before, but it is important to say that my fear is not for vanity, but it’s because I want to stay healthy and independent. Contemporary society has stopped considering aging naturally, and has settled us a trap for consuming anti-aging products. This is all a lie, because it’s impossible to anti-age or rejuvenate. Actually, if we are aging, is because we are alive.