What if stones get cold?, 2018
Stones, fabric, cotton thread, black glass, 150 x 300 cm.

As part of my exercises to find the zero-degree in art, I realized strolls in important zones in Mexico City: Ciudad Universitaria, Paseo de la Reforma, public parks, markets, etc. Always with rules. For this exercise, I had to pick 1 to 3 stones with certain characteristics in each stroll. I chose the stones because minerals have the capacity to absorb the energy that is around them. So, I suppose that picking these stones is like picking small fragments of my city with its sounds, people and history.

The stones are covered this way because one time, I picked a stone that was humid and cold, so I asked myself if stones could feel cold. I cut my sweaters and dressed each stone with them, always respecting their beautiful original form, but giving them a new one with a kind of
personality each.